A place where every young man feels that he has a place to both receive and contribute.

About Us

 Welcome to Yeshivas Veshachanti B’sochom

Yeshivas Veshachanti B’sochom is a specialized Yeshiva for Talmidim age 20+ (3rd year Beis Medrash and older) who are committed to growing in ruchniyus while advancing personally and professionally. Veshachanti is unique in that it provides a flexible schedule based on the individual’s needs, ambition and learning level. Veshachanti puts a strong emphasis on personal growth and development and focuses on three main areas of life – connection to ‘ה through being a תורה Jew, family and career. The way Veshachanti operates is also unique in that the Talmid is in the driver’s seat in terms of his growth and accountability. As a policy, we do not wake our students up and we do not take attendance. Our approach is that the Yeshiva cannot be more invested in its’ Talmidim, than its’ Talmidim are invested in themselves.

We guide our students to where they want to go and want them to build the foundation for an amazing life- the first step of which is that they need to be accountable for themselves and conduct themselves as responsible adults. While we guide our students in figuring out what their hishtadlus should be, we do not do their hishtadlus for them.

Our Beis Medrash program offers 3 full Sedarim a day to match any working or college student’s schedule and caters to a variety of learning levels. Our Talmidim hail from Yeshivas including but not limited to Imrei Binah, Toras Moshe, Mercaz, TJ, OJ, The Chabura, Birkas Hatorah,Telz, Aish Gesher, Ziv Hatorah, Ohr Sameyech, Mishkan HaTorah, Derech and Medresh Shmuel.

All of our Rebbeim have decades of experience and are warm, highly knowledgeable and educated, and most importantly, approachable.

Veshachanti is committed to providing and empowering our students with the vast array of skills they need to succeed in all areas of life which is why we offer courses in financial management and budgeting, dating coaching, classes in Shalom Bayis and parenting, as well as classes in mindfulness and recognizing core values.

At Veshachanti we focus on the whole person and see our students through a wide lens focused on their pnimiyus and the potential, and we hope our students do as well.

Student Life

The vibrant student life at Yeshivas Veshachanti is a testament to our commitment to fostering a supportive and growth-oriented community. Our students have the opportunity to live in apartment-style dormitories, surrounded by like-minded peers who share their aspirations for personal and spiritual development. Beyond the Beis Medrash, we offer a variety of extracurricular activities, events, and programs that foster camaraderie, creativity, and personal connections. We believe that a healthy and nurturing environment is essential for holistic growth, and we strive to create a space where each student can flourish.

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